How to obtain Building Permit in Kerala : A step-by-step guide

In the previous blog, we have seen the essentiality of a permit and the types of permits. Now let’s look at the step by step procedure to obtain a Building Permit in Kerala.

A step-by-step guide to obtain Building permit in Kerala

A Step-by-step guide to obtain a Building Permit in Kerala

  1. Identify the Property

First of all, identify the plot where you plan to construct the building. Consult your architect and prepare a sketch that complies with the Kerala Municipality Building Rules (KMBR) or Kerala Panchayat Building Rules (KPBR) according to the jurisdiction under which your property falls.

The sketch should include the following details

  • Site layout
  • Building elevation
  • Sections
  • Site plan (plot width, setbacks, access road width)
  • Floor plan (all floors)
  • Roof or terrace plan
  • Details of septic tank and soak pit
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Location plan

An application for a building permit in Kerala should also cite details like

Site location, Whether the property is for Residential or commercial use, An Index of all drawings submitted, Number of sheets, Date, Names of Draftsman & Reviewer,  Scale, Location details including details of Village/Taluk/District, Survey number and resurvey number of the property, Ward number, Extent (in arcs and cents), Proposed building area, Plinth and carpet area of all floors, Plinth and carpet area of the car porch, Total area, Coverage, FAR (Floor Area Ratio is calculated as the ratio of the Total floor area on all floors to The Plot Area), Permit area, Joinery schedule etc.

  1. Get your documentation up-to-date

While the Architect works on Step #1, you should also get the following documentation related to the property up to date

  • Possession certificate (This is an online document)
  • Latest land tax receipts
  • Copy of the “Aadharam” or Title Deed
  1. Get online approval from the Local self governing body

Application for a building permit can be made only by a licencee at the Local Self governing body (Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation) under whose jurisdiction the property falls. The licencee could be an Architect, a licenced draftsman or a licenced engineer.

The documents mentioned in steps#1 and #2 above are then handed over to the licencee. The licencee then applies for an online approval for the building permit (e-filing) at the local self governing body office.

Steps to obtain a Building permit in Kerala

  1. Acknowledgment from the Local self governing body

The application has to be acknowledged by the authorities concerned at the local self governing body.

  1. Submission of the Building Permit application by a licencee

Hard copies of the following documents should be filed and submitted by the licencee.

List of documents for a Building permit application.

  • Possession certificate (This is an online document)
  • Latest land tax receipts
  • Copy of the “Aadharam” or Title Deed
  • 3 copies of the Sketch or Sanction drawing
  • Copy of Architect’s or Licencee’s licence
  • Online acknowledgment certificate issued by the local self governing body

Submit the file containing these documents at the local self governing body. You should submit the relevant original documents also for verification. The local self governing body office will then issue a file number for your application.

  1. Verification by the Building Inspector

The Building Inspector(BI) will then visit your property, assess the veracity of the information provided in your application and submit the report to the Assistant Engineer (AE).

  1. Verification by the Assistant Engineer

The AE will then perform another round of verification and submit the report to the Assistant Executive Engineer (AXE).

  1. Approval of the application

The AXE then approves or rejects the application. For buildings upto 350 sq m (~3700 sq ft), this would suffice. However for larger buildings there would be higher levels of scrutiny and would require further levels of approvals. This would differ from one local self governing body to another.

  1. Fee payment and issue of Building Permit

Finally, for approved applications, you can submit the fees  at the local self governing body office. The building permit will then be issued and sent to your registered address.

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To conclude

Building Permit is a mandatory documentation for constructing a building in Kerala. The procedures for obtaining the permit are now relatively simpler and easier to use.

Have further questions or require assistance in obtaining a building permit in Kerala?

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