Tips to consider while creating a house plan

Tips for an excellent house plan

A roof over one’s head is any man’s dream. But making the dream come true is not everyone’s cup of tea.  House construction is a long process from collecting one’s requirements for the house plan, to funding it, to finding  a reliable architect and contractor to finally moving in to that dream dwelling.

Tips to develop a house plan

One of the key aspects to take care of while constructing a house is the house plan or floor plan. The comfort, convenience and usability of your house would depend on how good or bad your house plan or floor plan is. Come, let’s explore some factors that should be considered for making a good floor plan.

One size doesn’t fit all

First and foremost, be aware that one size doesn’t fit all for a floor plan. A floor plan should be appropriate for the plot in which the house is to be constructed. The size and dimensions of the plot, the terrain, the position of the plot with respect to the adjacent  roads and surrounding buildings, directions of sunlight and wind are some of the factors that determine the suitability of a floor plan. So do not blindly choose your friend’s floor plan, tailor it to suit your needs.

Know thy needs

The best judge of a floor plan would be you and your family who would ultimately be using the house.  Therefore it makes perfect sense to spend some time with your family brainstorming on your needs before finalizing the plan. One you are clear of your requirements, you can approach an architect or an engineer to translate it into paper. Remember a good architect would be able to draw a good plan for you, but only you and your family would be able to add life to that plan.

To level it or not to level it?

The terrain of the property is a key parameter that determines your floor plan. If there are minor ups-and-downs, it would be advisable to fill it with additional earth and level it! However if the terrain is highly uneven, do not spend a fortune on levelling it. Instead plan for an underground floor or a cellar or a car park.

Set out right

It is your property, your house.  But don’t be fooled into thinking that you can build it the way you want.  The local self governing bodies (Panchayat/Municipality/ Corporation) have set forth a  few regulations for house constructions. You should always develop your floor plan based on these regulations. For instance, in Kerala constructions, if your property is above 3 cents, there should be a minimum vacant space of 3m in the front, 2m in the back, 1.3m on one side and 1m on the other. You definitely wouldn’t want your balcony jutting out into your neighbour’s backyard. In construction parlance, this is called the set-out. Follow the Set-outs correctly for obtaining the appropriate building permits and also for your own convenience.

Make use of natural resources

Plan your house in such a way that you make full use of natural resources like sunlight and wind. Before your decide the location of your rooms, review the position of your property well. For example, it is better to avoid placing your bedrooms in the West. This is because the setting sun would heat up the rooms in the West side of the property and a hot bedroom would welcome you in the evenings! It is more appropriate to place the living or dining or TV rooms in this area.

Free consultation on house plan

These are minor aspects when it comes to the construction of a house. However it is these little aspects that help transform your dream home into a beautiful piece of art!!



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