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FAQ on Property Investments in South India

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Why do I need professional real estate consulting?

The real estate market is complex and investments yield the best returns when done carefully and strategically to ensure long term growth. The amount of money involved in a real estate investment is usually huge and therefore extreme caution should be exercised in each stage of the investment process. For a lay investor, the documentation involved in property deals might appear complicated and cumbersome. Moreover, due to the attractive nature of the property market, chances of fraud are also high. Professional consulting on your investments can help you to address these aspects to make a safe and sound investment.

What does Transform Property Consulting do?

TRANSFORM offers Professional Consulting on your Property Investments. With our years of experience in real estate investments we guide our customers in making the right decision while making their investments.We ensure that our customers’ investment objectives are fully met by helping them choose the right property and making sure that the investments are made at the right price. Without expert support, you may end up paying more for a property or be misguided into investing in the wrong property. We also see to it that the property documents are in perfect order.

With us, you get these benefits:

  1. Exclusive properties which make the best real estate investments
  2. A chance to profit from large land deals and group buying.
  3. Complete individual ownership. Land registered in your individual name.
  4. Professionals to support you at every step.
  5. Clear, marketable titles
  6. Hassle free transfer of ownership, wherever you are located
  7. A long term, trusted partner for all your future property related requirements.


Why are Transform properties the best option for my real estate investment?

Our projects are unique because they are opportunities specially created for investment. Usually, your real estate investment options are limited to plots, villas and apartments which are designed for housing. But our properties are specially picked for investment. You get a chance to invest in a range of properties like beach front properties, farm plots, suburban land, distressed assets, properties suited for large residential/commercial projects, waterfront properties and plantations. Over years, these can turn out to be great assets for you and your family

How can you offer me better deals? What’s your strategy?

Our strategy is to choose properties in line with the principles of good real estate investment.

Invest in emerging markets: Instead of buying properties which have already seen a price boom, invest in properties with a high probability of price rise in the near future. This gives you an opportunity to buy good properties at a low price and take full advantage of the future price appreciation. As a part of our work, we come across many such lesser known properties which are ideal for investment.

Buy more land at a lower rate: Buy large areas of land at a low unit price. This gives you more land for the same money. For e.g., if you have 1 crore to invest, buy a 200 cents property at the rate of 50 k / cent rather than a single, 2000 sq. ft apartment in the city. Because chances are, in a couple of years’ time, the 50k / cent property would have risen to 1 L / cent whereas it would take the apartment many more years to reach the same 100 % appreciation value of 2 crores.

Besides, with the 200 cents property, you’ll have the option of marking out twenty, 10 cents plots and selling them over a period of time. Not only that you’d have many buyers for these small sized plots, it is most often highly profitable. If planned well, each sale can be timed to fund your children’s education, purchase of a home, children’s marriages or even world tours.

Buy at ‘wholesale prices’: When we get into a bulk land deal, we get a better deal than retail prices.

Choose your seller:  Not just the properties, we choose our sellers too carefully. Some sellers are eager to sell due to a large deal size where they have few buyers or to overcome a tough financial situation. We take advantage of that because, as any wise investor knows, buying from motivated sellers is how you make it in the real estate market.

Use group buying and share the benefits of bulk land deals: Sometimes, when we come across an attractive property that requires a very large investment, we use group buying to acquire the property. Here, everyone in the group makes separate, individual investments at a ‘wholesale’ price. I.e., you enjoy all the rights of an individual property owner while still benefiting from a group deal.

Group buying sounds good. Can you explain with an example?

Sure! Suppose you plan to invest Rs 40 L in the suburbs of your city. Your common options are to buy 10 cents at the market rate of Rs. 4L from an individual seller or to buy 8.88 cents at a higher rate of Rs.4.5L from a branded developer.But, through group buying and a bulk land deal, Transform may be able to offer you the land at the rate of Rs.3.5L. Here, you get 11.42 cents of land (instead of 10 cents from the individual seller or 8.88 cents from the branded developer).

I can see that group buying is very profitable. Are there any disadvantages to group buying?

No, not any that we can think of. You will have full transaction rights from the time of registration. Post-registration, you will not be bound by any limitations from other fellow-investors or Transform Properties . Our projects are designed so that you will not be dependent on us for anything. You get a better deal and still enjoy all the rights of an individual property owner.

I agree with your strategy, but is it really practical?

It is not very practical for an individual lay investor to apply these principles of real estate investment. But, through Transform Properties, you can make it practical.Through our on-going market research, we identify the best properties for investment. With the help of investment and legal experts, we create projects that offer the best deals to our investors.  That’s how Transform properties are unique. It brings to you very valuable opportunities which are otherwise unavailable to you. Through us, you get access to the real gems in the real estate market.

What are the risks involved?

Actually, we eliminate most risks before we offer you the property for investment. We do all the required ground work. You make payment only at the time of registration. You pay directly to the property owner and get the property registered in your individual name.

I’m planning to buy a plot or an apartment from a developer. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. Through our negotiations with developers, we may be able to offer you better deals. Besides, our technical support can make sure that you are choosing the right property for investment. Give us a call to see how we can support you.

Do you charge any fees?

Yes, we do. We are a registered and audited firm that offers investment consulting services in Kerala and Tamilnadu. We charge a fee for our services. The fees would vary on a project to project basis; but it would be communicated to you upfront at the outset. At the time of property registration, you’d be requested to pay our service fee.

At Transform Property Consulting, what is the investment process?

When you give us a call, we will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your investment plans. This will include your personal and financial objectives, size of investment and timelines.  Based on your circumstances, we’ll discuss investment options that match your needs. You may assess the suggested properties and make your investment decision.

At the time of registration, you can pay the service fee to us and the land cost to the landlord. You’ll get the property registered in your individual name. Post-registration, you will enjoy full rights of an individual property owner. You can keep your property or sell it at any time as you wish.

By the end of the deal, you would have got a trusted partner for all your future real estate requirements, whether buying or selling.

How can I get your consulting service for my real estate investments?

Count us a friend. Just give us a call or drop us a mail. Even though we are engaged in the serious business of investments, we are simple, fun loving people like you. We guarantee you a friendly response.

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