How to obtain a Development Permit for Kerala constructions?

Essentiality of a Permit

As per the Kerala Municipality Building Rules 1999, the following activities require permits from the Municipal authorities.

  • Develop or redevelop any parcel of land (Development Permit)
  • Construct a building (Building Permit)
  • Make addition or extension or alteration to an existing building
  • Change the occupancy of an existing building from one group to another

Development Permit

An individual who wishes to develop or redevelop any parcel of land should obtain a Development Permit from the Municipality.

steps to obtain a development permit in Kerala

The application for a Development Permit is made either directly to the Secretary or online and should be accompanied by the following documentation

  • Building Plans – Site plan and Service Plan
  • Proof of land ownership
  • Proof of payment of fees
  • Certificate of Registration of the Architect, Building designer, Engineer, Town planner or Supervisor as applicable

Specifications of the Site Plan

  • It should be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:400
  • It should show the boundaries of the plot and of any contiguous land belonging to the owner.
  • The position of the plot in relation to the neighbouring street and its main access.
  • The name of the street and its width
  • All existing structures in the plot
  • The proposed plot subdivision
  • Access to each plot subdivision.
  • Layout of any service roads or foot paths
  • Area within the plot that is undevelopable
  • Area within the plot that is not proposed to be developed
  • The North direction and predominant wind direction in relation to the site.
  • A key map drawn to scale should accompany the site plan. This key map should give full details of the location of the site with reference to all adjacent streets, premises and landmarks within a distance of 30m

What is a Service Plan?

A service plan is a plan showing all the services which will cater to the building other than the civil work. This includes the Electrical line from the post, Plumbing line from outside and inside sources, rain water drain, well, generator, sewage treatment plant, bio gas plant etc. Usually you need to show a circle of 100M radius from the proposed building and mark all the adjacent buildings with their owners’ names, building numbers and survey numbers. These proposals depend on the type of the building and complexity of the project. Under normal circumstances, large projects require a service plan.

Specifications of the Service Plan

  • It should be drawn to a scale of not less than that of the site plan.
  • It should show the proposed subdivision of the plot and their uses.
  • The layout of existing and proposed water supply, electricity, drainage and sewerage main lines
  • Any other relevant information.
  • The North direction and predominant wind direction in relation to the site.

Points to note while applying for a Development Permit

  • The plans should be drawn on paper not less than 24cms * 33cms [A3] in dimensions.
  • A registered Architect or Engineer or Town Planner or Supervisorll plans should sign and approve all drawings or specifications.
  • If there are more than one individual owner for the plot, the application should be signed by all and jointly submitted.



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